Know Everything About Topaz Engagement Rings and How to Purchase A Unique One

When it comes to gemstones, topaz is the most popular alternative to diamonds. It is hard to get gemstones in multiple colors, but topaz appears in various colors. They include blue, yellow, green, and orange.

Traditionally, gemstones are yellow in color, but these days imperial topaz ranges from a reddish color to pink. Topaz is considered as the symbol of affection and love.  Moreover, it is affordable and versatile.

According to the research studies of Gemology Institute, the color of topaz is because of defects or impurities in the crystal structure, not due to the chemical composition.

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The following are a few engagement ring styles that help in choosing a beautiful ring for your girlfriend or fiancé.

Traditional Yellow topaz

The connection between topaz and yellow persists from the ancient days to to today. Yellow color and topaz are strongly associated as they inspire connection to wealth due to its appearance.

Yellow color topaz is harder, brighter as well as more expensive compared to others like citrine or yellow quartz, which look like topaz.

1stdibs Yellow topaz and platinum Diamond ring – This eye-catching ring created during the 1950s astonishes with small diamonds.

Blue topaz

Blue is one of the popular gemstones that come in 3 varieties: London Blue, Sky Blue, and Swiss Blue. Heat, as well as radiation treatment methods, is used to change the stones into greenish-blue color. This process is permanent and stable, but the gems need to cool a year before making jewelry.

Suzzane Kalan Yellow Gold Bella ring – English Blue and Swiss Blue topaz ring with white diamonds give a stunning appearance compared to one Blue topaz.

1stdibs Blue topaz and Diamond ring – A Blue topaz and 2 oval diamonds give a world-romantic air.

Yi Collection topaz and Peridot Chain ring – Chain version Green peridot and blue topaz is a simple, elegant engagement ring.

Mateo Point of Focus Diamond topaz and Gold ring – Feel the artistic inspired features of emerald-cut blue stones and lines on the diamond.

London Blue topaz and Diamond Engagement ring – London Blue topaz at the center and the diamond band give an elegant and regal feel.

Loren Stewart Blue London Signet ring – If want to choose a unique ring, then the signet ring of blue topaz is an ideal choice.

Imperial topaz

The trade name of reddish topazes is imperial topaz. These gemstones are associated with Russian Czars. Imperial topaz ranges from orange-red, yellowish-orange, to reddish-orange.

Jennie Kwon topaz Long Spear ring – A 14k gold band, 2 small diamonds, and imperial topaz at the center is an outstanding engagement ring.

In addition to the above topazes, there are other color options including rose or pink topaz, sherry topaz, and more.

To make memorable moments on your special day, visit the website that offer valuable information about the engagement rings and choose your favorite one within your budget for your bride-to-be.


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