Give Yourself a Gorgeous and Edgy Look with A Stunning Piece of Nose Ring

Are you ready to give yourself an interesting change in your look? Nose piercing is one way that many people use to instantly look apart. Nose piercing was a common occurrence in many parts of the Middle East, India, and Africa from historical times. The historical tradition got lost somewhere in the middle and is now a fashion trend globally.

In the USA, nose piercing was initially endorsed by people belonging to some rebel groups or those following the hippie culture. However, in current times nose jewelry has become acceptable even in a professional environment.

You can select a stunning piece of nose jewelry from at competitive prices. They focus on the quality of jewelry sold on their website. The material of choice is mostly sterling silver or stainless steel (surgical-grade) to make durable jewelry pieces studded with exclusive gemstones that can easily give you an edgy look as per your desire.

Nose rings -Types

Different types of gemstones, designs, metals, and accents are used to make thousands of unique styles of nose jewelry. While the most common nose accessories are worn in a nostril, some people go a step ahead and get a piercing in their nose bridge, bilateral nostril piercing, septum piercing, or rhino piercing. While these piercing types are edgy, but the risk of infection is also higher.

Various styles of nose rings worn in the basic nostril style of piercing are:

  • The first-ever ornament that is worn in a pierced nostril is a stud, as it helps in forming a permanent hole and ensures a faster healing process.
  • A U-shaped or twisted nose ring is yet another variety that is best to use in a newly pierced nostril.
  • A Fishtail nose ring is a customized form of stud in which the end is bent to get the custom fit.
  • Bone-shaped ornaments are very versatile, mostly made of gold or silver these have a ball on the outer end and a nose bone that passes through the pierced hole.
  • Nose bones should only be worn in a nose piercing that is fully healed.
  • L-shaped is a form of a stud on the outer side and L-shaped bent on the inner side keeping it secure without the need of a screw.
  • The hoop ring is very common among hippies and in the ancient traditional form of nose piercings.

Apart from these styles, there are many other factors that you need to consider before getting your nose pierced like:

  1. Gauge size: The standard size is 20 gauges while 18 gauges are suitable for bigger piercings, if you want a small nose pin, go for 22 gauges.
  2. Length of the ornament: Length is its wearable surface and is 5-7 mm on average.
  3. Diameter: This aspect is essential for the hoop style of nose rings and can vary from 8-10 mm.
  4. The metal used: Gold and surgical steel are the safest for new piercings that are healing. Titanium and silver can be used after a few months to a year.

Nose piercings are a way of self-expression. Whether it is your cultural belief or you want a unique style for yourself, getting your nostrils pierced is a great way to achieve that desire.

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