Useful Tips to Find About the Origins of Antique and Vintage Jewellery Items

All of us are aware of the demand in the market for vintage jewellery. They are unique and stylish with classic designs and artwork. Contrary to the popular beliefs, they are also quite affordable and are available at some of the leading online stores.

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Many people are also not aware of the difference between antique and vintage jewellery.  Antique jewellery category is usually those items that are more than at least 1 century old, whereas vintage jewellery is usually around 30 years old. Though both these types are famous across the world, vintage jewellery is available more easily in the mainstream market. They have a good demand because of their outstanding designs and genuine materials used.

How to distinguish between vintage and antique Jewellery?

Many people find it difficult to understand the difference between the 2 types. In this post, we have provided useful information that will help you distinguish them.

  • Hallmarks or the jewellery stamps are something that you should look to know the origin of that piece of jewellery.
  • Different types of metals, materials, and gemstones were introduced in different periods of time. Check the period the metal or material or gemstone it is associated with. That will help you understand the approximate age of the item.
  • Different jewellery styles were introduced in different periods of time. Many also went out of fashion for a brief period, and then made a comeback after a few decades. You can do research on jewellery style to know more about the origins.
  • Jewellery items are manufactured using different methods in different time periods. You could check its manufacturing method to know if it is vintage or contemporary.

You can follow the same tips to find the antique jewellery as well.

Are they expensive?

Most of us are bound to think that vintage jewellery items are costly, but this is not entirely true. In most cases, they are actually less priced when compared to the new jewellery. Vintage products are available for good prices by trusted online sellers like Vintage Tom.

Make sure that the antique jewellery store you choose offers full money back guarantee, so that you can return the product if you are not satisfied.

Where can I find the best vintage jewellery?

There are many jewellery stores online which offer such exquisite products for attractive prices. Please be reminded that there are some sites which sell imitation or fake products. Be alert about such sites to avoid unwanted losses.

Check customer reviews of different online stores, to know more about their authenticity and credibility. Make informed choice to avoid getting fooled. It is also better to compare the prices at multiple stores to bag the best deals.

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