Learn About The Styles Of Septum Rings And Aftercare Process In A Septum Piercing

Once you are all set to go with the idea of septum piercing, the next step in the procedure is to find the right ring for you. There are many options for you in the world of septum piercing, and you can choose the one that fits perfectly with your personality and also with the current fashion.

Septum rings are in great demand today, and this is all thanks to the growing popularity of septum piercing. If you are a resident in Stafford, Australia, and are planning to get your septum pierced, then feel free to visit Pierceoff. They are quite famous for offering not only the painless piercing options but also the wonderful collections of septum hoops and rings.

Styles of the Septum Hoops

There are many options for you in the world of septum hoops and rings. Go through them and understand what suits you better. Some are listed below.

  •       Size Always is Important

If you want to keep the septum piercing subtle, then you can go with rings of a smaller gauge. Even though the rings are small in size, they will never fail to make a fashion statement.

If you prefer making the world know about your septum piercings, then you can go with the rings with bigger gauges.

  •       Type of Ring Makes a Statement

Choosing a septum hoop is just like choosing a glass frame. You should go with the one that fits perfectly with your facial features.

  •       Cost of the Piercing

It is one of the crucial matters that you should consider while planning to get your septum pierced. Cost does not mean the charge for the piercing. The overall price even includes the type of ring that you choose for your septum.

Healing Time and the Aftercare of Septum Piercing

Tthe required time for the healing after septum piercing will be from 6 to 8 weeks. After you get your septum pierced, it is suggested to keep the area clean and dry.

  • Clean the wound with the help of a cotton swab dipped in saline water. Dab the cotton swab in such a way that the saline content gets inside the piercing. It will increase the time of recovery from the piercing.
  • Keep the hoops and rings clean and dry.
  • Never touch the wound with the bare hands as there are higher chances of the wound getting infected.

If you feel that the piercing has started bothering you or has started to itch or pain, then it is strictly suggested to consult your physician. Sometimes the irritation might be caused because of the use of excess saline water.

Septum piercing is a procedure wherein the septum of your nose gets pierced, and a hoop or ring gets hung through it. It might sometimes result in causing your septum to be pulled down, resulting in the elongation of your nose. There are even the chances of infections as the lower nose is exposed to the outer environment.

If you are planning to get your septum pierced, then always remember to understand every pros and con, before deciding to proceed with the procedure.

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