How To Choose Right Jewellery For Date Night And Make It Work?

Getting ready for a date night to celebrate a recent encounter with your first crush or five years of togetherness is making you think a lot about what jewellery and attire to wear. Every girl or lady will wish to look special but also does not want to give the feeling as if she tried very hard to gain the perfect look. It is a date and not a movie night out, so make sure not to look overdressed.

Picking an attire and footwear are a part of the battle but choosing accessories to accentuate your overall look is also crucial. Clothes and accessories have equal importance. They work together to create a get-up that expresses your style, taste and personality. Keep jewellery simple but elegant.

Choose the right jewellery piece

You may have one of the gold necklace designs with weight passed on as a legacy from your mother, who got it from her mother and so on. The huge heavy necklace is a family legacy that is associated with emotions, which every family is proud of.

However, for this night date look for statement jewellery that is sufficient to capture your date’s attention. Too much striking jewellery can distract his gaze, so keep the theme simple.

Keep it simple

When you select an outfit for the night, bear in mind that his focus needs to be your jewellery and not outfit but too heavy pieces can divert him. The jewellery piece you opt for must emphasize your outfit and your personal beauty. It must never overshadow it. You can opt for –

  • An elegant black pearl string necklace, which strikes an ideal balance between subtleness and edginess. Black pearls are classy and unique. It can highlight your exclusive personality and will not allow eyes to stray away from your look.
  • Balance a peach-coloured dress with a turquoise necklace. The unusual beads texture will reveal your unique personality.
  • If you wear an ethnic dress then gold emerald and rubies long earrings will make you look impressive on the date night. Make sure to wear it alone to allow these earrings to shine and if you wish then choose subtle accessories to highlight this statement piece.

Add a pinch of romance

As it is date night, allow the jewellery to reflect romance, so choose a soft, delicate diamond or gold necklace to compliment your looks. Delicate accessories are always flattering and blend well with any night date outfit you choose.

  • Heart-shaped jewellery pieces including a heart-shaped bracelet, earrings or ring are universally acceptable on a date with a classy jumpsuit or a stylish cocktail dress.
  • A delicate gold chain with dainty pink tourmaline embedded in gold pendant with diamond reveals love and femininity. The pink tourmaline glowing softly in the core is highlighted by sparkles of the diamonds at corners. Add pink sapphire or rose quartz gold earrings to heighten the romance theme.

You are going on a date, so remember that your date will be engrossed in wanting to know you better. Accessories you choose needs to highlight your real personality and not obscure it.

Explore online for simple but elegant jewellery collections to make an impression on your night date!

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