Common Mistakes A Business Should Avoid When Ordering Custom Stickers

Many businesses find customized stickers to be an effective business marketing strategy. However, newbies/first-timers should be careful while executing the strategy. They should avoid some common mistakes at the time of placing their order.

This article informs about a few mistakes to avoid getting maximum benefits from this marketing strategy.

Assuming That They Will Stick Anywhere

The first and very common mistake that a business does is that it thinks that its stickers can stick on all types of surfaces. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Stickers are designed with specific types of elements, such as size, style, and design to work at a specific location such as water bottles, cars, helmets, smartphones, laptops, etc.

Printing Apes offers a custom sticker printing service to create a strong statement of a business. Their customized high quality, alluring, and colorful stickers help businesses stay relevant in the business in a pocket-friendly way.

No Sticker Distribution Strategy

A business should have a proper sticker’s distribution plan before it places the order for the same.  You need to ensure that the stickers fit within the envelope effectively to be able to send them via mails.

If you want to distribute it via association with other stores/ businesses, then you will need to consider coop advertising or printing at the backside before you give it away for printing. Thus, knowledge of the distribution mode and where you wish to use them is necessary at the time of creating perfect stickers to meet the business needs effectively.

Choosing The Wrong Mode To Buy Custom Printed Stickers

Another mistake that businesses make is that they choose a machine in place of a trusted professional/agency for its creation. This way, they can ensure the design, quality, and delivery of their custom stickers.

A trusted professional, on the other hand, can assure the best quality production, take care of the issues, and offers money-saving tips too. This ensures the best accomplishment of the marketing technique in the business.

Not Getting Professional Assistance

Promotional stickers are a great marketing medium for your business. It reflects the brand as well as establishes credibility about the business among the people. It is also seen that some businesses do not hire professionals for the task to save money.

They like creating stickers on their own. This is a big mistake. You may be good at using digital designing tools but may not match the expertise and experience of the professionals. Their assistance will fine-tune and polish the product to create the perfect final design.

Choosing an Unprofessional Service

The type of customized printing service you choose determines the quality of services and the impact it will create on the customers. Unprofessional printing services do not offer commitment to quality and commitment that can hamper your business marketing efforts.

It is important to pay a little more and hire a reputed and professional service. Also, get the quality and delivery date of their services in writing.


To create the ideal advertising sticker, it is important to guard against these mistakes. Selecting a professional custom printing company helps in delivering the best quality promo products to meet the business’ promotional needs effectively.

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