Unique Party Favour Gifting Options to Impress the Little Guests

Birthday parties and party favours go hand in hand. It is like the norm these days for kids’ birthday parties. Though not mandatory, it is a thoughtful way to thank your guests and leaves your little guests with a wide smile when they leave the party. With a lot of creative and unique party favour ideas in the picture, it can be tricky to decide on one.

There are lots of gender-specific and age-specific options available. You don’t have to break the bank to pull together a great party favour. You need to find something both clever and functional that’ll leave your guests excited. Check out these popular ideas.

Party favour ideas for your kid’s birthday:

  • Personalised chalkboard: This educational simple board is ideal for toddlers who are just learning to write. You can find similar bomboniere at GE Designs, Australia. They are one of the top-rated services featuring customised designs for all celebrations. Their unique products are of high-quality and would stand out.
  • Customized drawstring backpacks or toiletry bag filled with goodies: You can include the name of your guests in drawstring bags and fill it with few inexpensive cute treats. The bags can be re-used for many years.
  • Customized capes: Most kids enjoy dress up and pretend play. Gift them customized capes after the party or alternatively you can hand it over to them before the party begins so that they’d have fun all through the party wearing it.
  • Custom kids’ apron: This is something both kids and parents would love. Kids tend to be messy when playing, painting or when helping you out in the kitchen. Next time when they are about to play a messy game, they can wear customised aprons to protect their clothing.
  • Books: You can choose a book according to the birthday theme. This is both an affordable and useful souvenir.
  • Edible treats: Kids are bound to feel tired after indulging in party games. Boost their energy by gifting them edible treats to take home. It could be donuts, decorative sugar cookies, spun cotton candy or homemade funnel cake.
  • Party crafts: Keep the kids engaged during the party by helping them with DIY craft projects. You can teach them to make photo frames, candy moulds or DIY slime etc. You could also ask them to bring their favourite book and help them recreate the book cover using construction paper and crayons. These double up as party favours.
  • Gift cards: If you are conducting the party in a bowling alley or ice cream parlour, you can offer them gift cards that can be redeemed when they revisit the place next time. Some businesses offer deals on gift cards when you are organizing a party at their premises.
  • Puzzles or games: Rather than gifting few small items, you can pick one item according to the theme like puzzles, train sets, Lego or floats for pool party.

There are endless interesting options to choose from. Customized gifts always are a huge hit. Find an age-appropriate customized gift and organize a smashing party.

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