A Guide On How You Can Make Money From Music In 2020

Making money from your music is getting easy with so many music streaming platforms offering the best of music to young talents. Are you willing to increase your fan base and earn income through that? You can get your music on Spotify and iTunes comprising of so many famous music singers and composers wanting to hear the best of talents.

If you are passionate about selling your music, you can put your music on Tidal by receiving 100% royalties from the same. Music production online is getting so popular among people with the platforms changing its trends from the last 10 years. You can make money from music without being any famous music director or singer.

MusicDigi is one such digital platform allowing you to put music on Apple Music. It helps musicians in putting their music on various platforms like Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, and many others. With every playlist, musicians can earn money. This website is safe and secured giving what they promise to their musicians.

Some ways of making money from your music are listed as under:

  • Releasing your music

The music industry is changing its trends and without being a great banner, selling music is not that hard. MusicDigi is a distributor taking yearly subscriptions for doing your work. The only thing you have to do is uploading of music and releasing it to different platforms like Spotify, Amazon, and the rest.

They help with all other steps of making your account with Spotify and help to sell your music online. Promote your songs normally and earn royalty in the meantime.

  • Remixing of songs

Remixing reaches out to a lot many people with you making a single track using many songs and putting it to upload music to iTunes. People enter into many remix competitions and earn a lot of money.

While doing remixes of famous singers, you might not be paid high amounts as they are not original songs. If you have got a huge fan following, charging more becomes like a normal ritual.

  • Collection of royalties

Sign up with different music platforms for earning royalties and whenever your music is played somewhere, earning royalty becomes simpler. The royalties are all paid to you and if making money through music is your intention, you can surely try this method out.

  • Playing live Gigs

What can be better than playing your music live? Try playing live gigs for making your music famous! This is also another amazing method of earning money through your songs. If you are lucky enough in getting daily gigs, this is going to be helpful to you. This way you will come to know the tastes of people for playing in the crowd.

Even if you don’t know some people in your area, after playing gigs, everyone will come to know of you. Sign up with some promoters for sponsoring your gigs and play the whole night for building new relationships. If you have a fan following, this method works out best!

  • Engineering of other people’s music

If you are a pro of remixing other people’s music, even then you are making your way of earning a good amount of money for yourself. This acts as a side business and the only thing you have to do is connecting with people over Facebook or other social media sites and the rest is easy.

If you are new to this industry, first start by preparing some tracks for making yourself known in the community. There are great apps for clubbing of tracks and good musicians know the art of mixing music. Provide people with genuine produce for people to love your work.

  • Merchandising

Merchandising is possible with a fan following behind you. For the process of merchandising, you need to have around 20k to 30k followers in your account. All these people will love your work and along with gigs, merchandising also becomes possible.

Selling music online is easy and if you can do it using your online shop, it is only for the better.

  • Selling of samples

This is another method of making money through music. You can sell your beats online for gathering a huge fan following and by registering with required samples, you can see samples or preset packs according to your likings.

If you happen to have your website, you can sell beats from there also. If sound designing is your thing, then you can earn good money by selling samples.


There are many options for selling music today and with the help of authenticated websites, your money is in safe hands. Learning one of these skills for selling money is going to help you in the long run. Keep on practicing the craft for becoming an expert!

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