Escort Vs. Girlfriend – Which Option Is Better?

A serious relationship is accompanied by commitment, responsibilities, stress, compromise, struggles, misunderstanding, sharing, and trying to be a perfect guy. This may sound heavy and you are still not ready to commit in a long-term relationship. Fortunately, a short term with an escort is a good alternative than dating a girlfriend. Today, men and women both need change and hardly wish to settle with a single person.

Escorts have been around for centuries. You can see them mentioned in the history of Greek and Roman culture as well as the Bible. Some decades ago escorts were only for famous and affluent society. People with not much money could choose a streetwalker, who came with risk of getting STDs.

Today, the scenario has changed. Escort service has become more affordable. Just visit LOveSitasite to find ladies that offer memorable and fun companionships as well as naughty entertainment without issues, arguments or hassles. Let’s compare real life girlfriend with escort girls, so you can determine which is better.


Girlfriend always nags about not spending time or being judgmental about his friends or burdening him to save for future. Some girlfriends always wish to go shopping that never ends. On the other hand, it would be a good idea to hire an escort and eliminate the demanding aspect altogether.

Escort just asks to be paid a fee and they never disturb you or talk rubbish about things you don’t care for.

Erotic pleasures

Girlfriends will never have the experience in offering erotic pleasure. Escorts are trained professionally in the art of sexually pleasing men. Sex experts report that sexual fantasies of men range from voyeurism to exhibitionism and submission to domination.

A girlfriend may not be comfortable in trying anal or oral sex with you but an escort will transfer you in your fantasy sex world. Escort girls are great options for those seeking for sexual or erotic pleasures.

Mood swings

Girlfriends are moody. You may be surprised to see her tempered side all of a sudden. They are even unnecessarily clingy, especially in public as if you are her possession – ‘Stay away, this is mine’.

Girls are unpredictable, you don’t know when she will love you and when she will start an argument that will never end without pointing your past mistakes or breakups. You will not feel happy because in girlfriends [all girlfriends are not so but if you chose a wrong one then….] presence you are not aware when she will explode.

Escort girls are reliable, because they have trained themselves to be happy and enjoy the moments. They never have any complains about your lifestyle or are not dependent on you or have no future plans with you. Just spend time and she goes away with her fees. There are no worries on any side!


In relationships, girls are very manipulative. They just want their boyfriend to change according to their wishes and demands. There are many demands and restrictions like don’t drink, eat healthy, go to the gym, don’t wear blue, or let’s celebrate or go shopping. All this gets planned so that both can stay together all the time but he feels suffocated. Escort girls are great. You are free – just wine, dine and go to your home.

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