Coffee roasters: How to prepare your home coffee like a pro

You only have good mornings when you can treat yourself daily to hot and quality coffee drinks. Making the perfect coffee like a seasoned barista goes beyond buying the best Breeze valley coffee roasters. To make coffee like a professional, you need to follow a nuanced approach that has been tried and tested by only the best coffee curators. The art of making a cup of coffee needs a holistic approach that must be followed religiously to achieve the desired results. This is how to easily make the best and premium coffee just like Starbucks all from the comfort of your home.

1). Get your brewing ratio right: Before you set to make your homemade coffee, it is important to get your brewing ratio right. This means that your coffee water mixture should be suitable for the size of the coffee you are looking to make. While there are many ways of brewing your coffee, there is no brewing ratio that is considered 100% perfect for all. One almost perfect brewing ratio to use for your coffee is a coffee water ratio of 1:16. This means that for every 1 gram of coffee, you add 16 milliliters of water.

2). Get water of high quality: One of the most common mistakes that people make when preparing coffee, is to use unfiltered water. This type of water usually contains chlorine. Worse still, they might have a bad smell. This will certainly affect the quality of your coffee. Filtered water is the way to go here.

3). Use the right size of grinding coffee beans: Grinding coffee beans is a significant feature that influences the degree of extraction of a sufficient amount of flavor compounds in the fastest time. For the suitable size of coffee beans, you will need to think about your method of brewing. The brewing method can drastically affect the flavor of the coffee. Your coffee brewer should be set to the required output. This means that, if you need faster brewing methods, you will choose fine grounds. This gets extracted between 20 and 40 seconds. While slower brewing methods are recommended with coarser grounds. This comes with a brewing time of 2 to 5 minutes.

4). Pay good attention to your coffee brewing extraction cycle: The coffee brewing process comes with a delicate extraction technique that should be performed with finesse. This process of extraction undergoes three distinct time phases if done the right way. Phase one involves achieving the acid taste with the lowest degree of bitterness. Phase two is the stage that involves achieving the aroma. Phase three is the stage where most of the bitterness of the coffee is achieved. To get the right coffee taste, try to stop brewing between phases two and three. The strongest coffee is not necessarily those with the most bitterness

5). Temperature and brew are equally important: If you are looking to make a high-quality coffee, you must consider brewing the coffee at the right temperature. If you are doing this right, then it means that you would be able to extract the right flavor at the right time – all while you ensure that the coffee is not overly bitter. Most professional baristas will recommend brewing at the optimum temperature of 197 – 205 Fahrenheit (92 -96 C).

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