Best Clothing from the 1970s

Clothing has always a mesmerizing effect on male and female personalities. It also represents an age, nation, country, and people of any place. So, clothing has been all the time the most important part of any age. It is long-lasting. The present period of 2020 also marks difference based onclothing. Likewise, the 1970s had various fashions and designs in clothing.


The 1970s was the year juxtaposed to the 1980s. As at the start of this year, people had no proper sense of dressing. They were still imitating the previous designs of fashion. When comes to the turn of women’s fashion, the early ’70s was nothing but a copy of the late ’60s. There were the same fashion of jeans, skirts, tie and die dresses, maxi dresses, and ponchos. In the early 70s Clothing, women were wearing chokers, scarves, hairbands, and wooden jewelry.

In the early-mid of ’70s, fashion turned a new leaf and introduced fitted t-shirts for both sexes. There were a variety of designs and colors in shirts. In the mid of 70’s the jersey dresses and high slit skirts with boots were very famous. The women also wore tube tops and glittering shirts. Colors were dominating in this age.


Caftan clothing was also a dominating design in the ’70s. The women were designing their dresses on caftan pattern. The women wore this with high heels and pearls necklace around their necks. Jaz singers also wore long tent shape caftan dresses in multiple prints. The 70s Clothing was highly colorful.


They separate the colors based on seasons by categorizing jewel tones in fall-winter and white color was considered as the color of summer. In 1973, clothing was going back toward the ’40s and ’50s with the old designing of shirts with button-down tops.


There were varieties in women’s pants in the 1970s. Simple and comfortable pants were common mostly in all types of events whether these were nights or daytime parties. There were also palazzo pants. It was doubled with more fabricto make it much wide.


The men of the 1970s were fierce and intense. They were fond of bright and bold colors. Bright color and 3 piece velvet suits, wool, and paisley dresses were very common. The other common fashion for males was sweaters with oxford shoes, bell-bottom pants, tie and die clothes, and three-piece suits.

In the mid of ’70s, men’s fashion was growing as men’s suits with a European flair, slimy cut, and fitted pants were very famous. The three-piece suit still hadthe same important informal events. Additionally, they were wearing western shirts, sweaters, leather jackets and oxford shoes, etc.

The late 1970’s were named as the time of disco. The common pant color was white and blue. There were also alternatives for disco clothing. As for men, they used to wear jumpsuits, tracksuits, low top sneakers, and sweaters.

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