An Introduction To Chillum Pipes And Its Usage

There is folklore that thousands of years ago Hindu monks in India used chillum. It is even found in South America. In Eastern Europe and Asia, this device is associated with spirituality and medication. But its origin is still unknown. These were not popular until the 20th century, but now it is becoming popular in the last few years.

Now you can even find exotic chillums made of glass, stone, and even stainless steel in any head shop. Chillums made of glass and stone provide cooling smoke. Glass chillums are easy to clean than the traditional wooden ones. Clay chillums are also preferred by many due to its higher cooling potential.

Always, the rate of chillums will depend on the quality of material used in making them. If you want to buy good chillum, don’t go for cheap ones since they may be made of cheap materials.

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What Is Chillum?

Chillum is a basic smoking pipe that is shaped in a straight conical pipe. This device is used to smoke marijuana and opium. Some chillums come with a carburetor while some lack. The carburetor is nothing but a hole near the bowl that allows air passage to keep the smoke.

Chillums are usually smaller in size than any other hand pipes, and you will get potentially stronger rips. But you cannot get many hits from them. Though there are a lot much modern paraphernalia available for smoking, the traditional wooden chillums give you a traditional feel, and it is a direct way of smoking tobacco or CBD products.

How To Use?

Traditionally in chillum hash is used along with tobacco. The user will have to crumble up the tobacco. Then add in the hash and rub them together and add the mixer into the bowl, which is the widest part of the chillum. Then the fire is given to burn the mixer. While using these traditional chillums, to prevent the herbs from falling down, it is held upright.

The user gives two or three short strokes to light it properly, which is followed by a long one. With a long stroke, the smoke will pass directly to the lungs. And this process is repeated until the entire mixer gets burnt.

While inhaling, make it lightly and slowly to avoid sucking in the ash. Since chillums lack a carburetor, it will continue to burn as long as it can sustain itself. You will need a piece of cloth or a closed fist to act as a filter. Some chillums have a small stone inside with cuts on their sides. It acts as a filter and allows the passage of smoke.

Next will be the cleaning process. The tar residue built up inside the chillum gets cleaned with the help of a clean brush or a moist cloth.

Chillums are comfortable and easy to use. When compared to other devices, these are inexpensive.

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