How To Prepare And Use Bubbler Bongs?

Bubbler bongs are like regular water bongs. It involves water so is also called as just ‘Bubblers’. A bubbler is a great medium between a giant bong and a classic glass pipe. Using a water-filter gadget is a clean, smooth, and healthy way of smoking weeds or tobacco.

Main parts of the regular bong

  • Mouthpiece – Opening or inhale hole, where the mouth is placed for inhalation.
  • Chamber – Smoke accumulates in the chamber, ready to get inhaled.
  • Perc [optional] – Lies between chamber and neck. It allows extra filtration.
  • Bowl – Holds the dry herbs. It is also called ‘Slide’ as you can remove it.
  • Downstem – A narrow tube connecting the water and the bowl.
  • Carb [optional] – it helps to control air.

Bubbler bong is preferable because of its compact size and shape. Besides, it is easy to clean regularly. Cannabis smoking devices need a regular cleaning or can cause respiratory issues and infections. You can look for bubbler bongs on They have an array of options in terms of shape, design, size, materials, and price.

How to use bubbler bongs?

Prepare the bong

  • Remove the downstem to fill water in the chamber bottom. Just cover the downstem holes.
  • If there is perc fill it with water. [Optional]
  • If there is ice pinch, you can put in some ice for the cool smoke experience. [Optional]
  • Slide in the downstem for test drag. [It helps to know whether water hits your lips or add water if necessary]

Packing the bowl

  • Remove the bowl.
  • If any residue is visible clean it.
  • Fill the bowl loosely with fine smoking material without stems or seeds.
  • Put the bowl inside the downstem.

Take the hit

  • Hold bubbler securely around the neck.
  • Form a tight seal on the mouthpiece with your lips.
  • At the corner of the bowl, hold a lighter and inhale simultaneously but slowly.
  • Remove the lighter as the bowl starts filling with smoke.
  • Inhale with big deep breaths, after opening the carb or removing the bowl.
  • Exhale instantly because there is no need to keep smoke in the lungs as the psychoactive compounds already got absorbed in your blood.
  • If there is leftover smoke, then clear it blowing through the stem lightly.
  • Dump the water, wipe or wash your bubbler with clean water.

Bong etiquettes to practice

  • Never drool inside the bong, while inhaling.
  • After every hit, you need to wipe the mouthpiece.
  • Just light corner of the bowl and not the entire smoking material.
  • Clean the bowl when smoking material has turned into ash.
  • When the water looks discolored, change it.

Tips to deep clean a bubbler

  • Use salt and isopropyl alcohol for quick cleaning.
  • Other home remedies for deep cleaning are baking soda & vinegar mixture or denture tablets & hot water.
  • Rinse every piece separately.
  • Wipe big pieces with a paper towel.
  • Pat every piece dry.
  • Keep the downstem and bowl in a Ziploc bag filled with isopropyl alcohol for one night to remove stubborn stains.
  • Use pipe cleaners and Q-tips to eliminate tricky residue lingering.
  • Deep clean bubblers every few weeks to avoid large crud build-ups.

Bubbler bongs have been offering users soft and smooth hits. It is convenient to enjoy some pot and great for group sharing. A bubbler can be passed easily around. You can give it a try if you adore weeds.

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