Driving Archetypes That Can Become A Nuisance to Fellow Drivers

Not all drivers are responsible while driving. You might have noticed some drivers driving in an objectionable way and causing problems to fellow drivers.

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Here are some of the kinds of driving archetypes.

  • Littering

Some people love flicking the cigarette butt to the road and some enjoy throwing away the crisp packets, after the pack is empty, while driving. Such drivers are considered as potential environmental catastrophes, as sometimes they might flick the cigarette butt or even a soda can on the fellow drivers.

  • Bogan

Some drivers enjoy customizing their cars in such a way that you can easily recognize a customized vehicle, when you see one. The additional features make the vehicle become a modified one in such a way that there will not be even a hint of the factory issue in it.

Some vehicles will be modified in such a way that the playlist in their vehicle can be heard from a block. Such bogan drivers will surely cause some nuisance to the fellow drivers, every time they bring their car out for a drive.

  • Drag Racing

Some drivers love drag racing. They do so in traffic lights or even in the stop streets causing nuisance to the fellow drivers. People owning the vehicles with high power are more prone to drag racing. Sometimes, such irresponsible behaviour of the drivers might result with both major and minor accidents.

  • Drivers who are Overly Careful

Driving carefully is an excellent trait of a driver. However, if the obsession of the careful driver crosses the limit, then it will surely cause some problems to fellow drivers. Their low speed, over sticking to the steering wheel and unflinching view towards the road ahead will make them easily identifiable amidst the crowd of the experienced drivers.

  • Failing to Use the Indicators

You might have noticed some drivers not using indicators, while making a turn or even when changing the lanes. Some drivers will forget to switch off their indicators, which in-turn will confuse the fellow drivers.

  • The Rule Breakers

Some drivers cannot just stay in the queue and wait for their turn, when it comes to waiting in the traffic or even when changing a lane. Such drivers lose the patience to wait and will begin to drive in a bizarre way, so that they can get away from the queue as early as possible, resulting in causing problems to the fellow drivers.

  • Talking in a Mobile Phone while Driving

This is one of the bizarre habits that the drivers have today. They have a false idea that they can multitask, and so use mobile phones while driving. Such people might sometimes fail to abide by the traffic rules, which result in causing road accidents.

Instead of becoming an annoying driver, it is suggested to be a responsible driver and not cause any harm to the fellow drivers.

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