Learn About Different Frame Materials of Eyeglasses

Using different eyeglass frames widens the option choices that you can make. Looking classy and beautiful is what everyone desires. Before going to buy prescription glasses, consult with a doctor, and take the advice of the optician for knowing about a variety of brands, materials, uniqueness, and the budget that these frames come in.

Voogueme is an amazing website to buy so many varieties of eyeglass frames. You will find so many materials and finding the right frame material is as important to you as selecting the right frame. Every material comes with its unique features and strengths. Some of the frame materials are listed as under:

Metal material

  • Monel

It is one of the widely used materials for the manufacturing of glass frames. These are corrosion resistant and the malleability is awesome. Most of these frames are hypoallergic and so might cause skin irritation in sensitive skin people.

  • Titanium

This is another wonderful material for making eyeglass frames. It is silver-grey and it is durable, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight. Titanium eyewear comes in a variety of colors for a modern look having a tint. Some titanium frames are mixed with alloys and cost less.

  • Beryllium

It is a steel-gray metal costing lower than actual titanium. This material is great for those having high skin acidity. This material is so strong and very flexible. Flexon is a titanium-based alloy and is 25% lighter than titanium.

  • Plastic

Nylon eyeglasses started in 1940 itself and these frames are strong and also lightweight. Castor oil nowadays is also used for making frames. Laxative, a soap ingredient was used in the making and then it has been replaced by castor oil.

If you want different colors, you can use ZYL material. It is very cost-effective and many creative options can be made out of it. Many laminated ZYL frames have layered colors on them. Many manufacturers also make use of cellulose acetate propionate which is a nylon-based plastic having more transparency.

  • Unusual materials

If you want something innovative, you have to spend money on it. Sterling or solid silver is a common material for glass frames. Many people also prefer gold eyewear made with typical gold.


You will find frames made of bones, wood, and buffalo horns as well which is very different from the regular ones. Wood and bones are less adjustable but are very expensive as it gives a unique creative style to your look. Buffalo horns provide an elegant and charming look and also keep warm with body temperature.

Leather is not such a durable eyeglass material but you will find frames made of leather. It is an interesting concept with a fashionable look and velvet is used as a special edition sunglass model. Sometimes semi-precious stones are used in frames like turquoise or Swarovski crystals.


Some people might be allergic to metals or plastics. Give a trial before wearing your glasses. Keep in mind the durability and sturdiness of your eyeglasses and shine.

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